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I am Jessie/Jess (she/her) - the owner, maker, and one woman show at Alkemiste.

I began beading in 2020 and fell in love - the way the beads click into place and the meditative focus fuels my soul and fills me up.

My metal working journey started not long after I started beading - I slowly collected supplies and dreamt up designs. It wasn't until later in 2023 that I felt my skills were honed enough to bring this new medium to my customers and its become another passion.

Much of my work draws on my love of vintage fashion and textiles, I have learned so much about my artistic style since I began working with beads. Every bead is carefully planned out and meticulously stitched into place in my studio in Baltimore MD.

My business name was inspired by my love of chemistry and is the Esperanto word meaning Alchemist – I am a trained organic chemist and beading is the artistic balance to my analytical mind. My logo incorporates the alchemical symbol for copper which is an important element to me as a scientist. It also symbolizes love, feminine beauty, and artistic creativity – and has in turn become
a symbol for my creative journey!

When I’m not beading you can find me rock climbing with my partner, training my goofy dog or snuggling my kitty. I enjoy thrifting vintage home décor,
tending to plants and cooking up a delicious meal!

I am a non-native guest on the traditional homelands of the
Piscataway and Susquehannock people - I would like to acknowledge the privilege I
have to live here. To find out whose land you reside on visit Native Land Digital